Clarity about what you want. Who you are. What you stand for.

VIVID = lively and clear. That is what I aim for in my coaching: feeling alive & powerful again, and being able to see things clearly again.

I help you to become aware of your talents, desires and motivations. And of your hindering thoughts or patterns. In order to see new insights and possibilities and to get started with them.


As an intuitive coach, I am happy to help you in your personal and/or professional development. I guide you in your development, to get to your core. Your essence. Getting to the heart of the matter. I am convinced that you will then become really curious and susceptible to completely new insights, which can help you further in this sometimes complex and rapidly changing world.

I offer life, career, and leadership coaching to those who feel motivated to move forward and make concrete changes in their lives. I do this in a lively and intuitive way. Together with you we create clarity around a situation or a theme.

My belief is: your body often tells you more than your head knows. I therefore combine cognitive coaching techniques with doing & experiencing. By stimulating your intuition.

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With my 15+ years of experience in HR & Advice for both corporate and SME environments, I have worked a lot with (management) teams. I have experienced the magic of real attention: everything that gets attention grows. And brings focus. I am happy to work together with you,  to get your team into the best version of itself.

But.. how do you get your team moving again? Connected? How do you achieve an effective and pleasant collaboration? How do you as a team, ensure more impact on your environment, stakeholders or customers? How do you create an environment in which people work from passion, are empowered and do their utmost to achieve results?

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ow do I, as CEO/owner, take my organization to the next level? How do I get a grip on my talents and make the right strategic or operational choices?

As an investor, how do I know the value of the company’s human capital? And how do I get a grip on this, so that the chance of a successful investment is greater?

As a consultant I like to make an independent judgment about the value of the human capital of your organization.

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