Human Capital is “the collection of competences, knowledge, social and personal skills, including creativity, embodied in the ability for humans to perform work in an economy, in order to produce economic value”. According to Wikipedia.

I firmly believe in the importance of human capital. Companies can make their organization perform much better by investing more in their human capital. By paying more attention to the value added by employees. And to set up the organization in such a way that their potential is optimally used.

Organization scan

How do I, as a CEO or Managing Director and majority stakeholder (DGA), take my organization to the next level? How do I gain insight into and grip on my people, my talents, and how do I make the right strategic or operational choices?

As a consultant for medium-sized and small DGAs and family businesses, I work with management scans: a scan (‘photo’) of the management team or the key players of the organization. Their personalities and motivations. This scan provides a clear picture of the qualities, pitfalls, ambition and motivation of every employee.

I talk to every team member. I can use an analysis of incentives/motivations (‘Management Drives’). In an objective and independent way. But also: with attention, sincere interest and a critical eye.

The organization scan provides clarity and focus. It provides a solid foundation for any strategic and/or operational choices.

The outcome of these conversations and any management drives analysis can be linked to the mission, vision and goals of the organization or the team.

As a trainer & coach, I also make sure that what is not said is also made clear, because: “Music is not in the notes but in the silence in between” (Mozart).

Knowing more? Give me a call or send an email. I would be happy to tell you more about it.

HR Due Dilligence

For investors who play with the question: How do I as an investor know the value of the human capital of the company? And how do I get a grip on this? I ensure a reliable and professional HR Due Diligence (HR DD).

By means of extensive interviews (objective & independent) with the board members, whether or not supplemented with Management Drives and a personality test, I get to the core in a short time.

This analysis and HR DD reports on the quality, skills and motivation of the team members provide a practical foundation for further decisions regarding the investment, but also for cooperation in the post-deal phase.

As an investor, you thus have a faster and better grip on the potential of the company’s human capital.

Knowing more? Give me a call or send an email. I am happy to tell you more about it.