A team of people is capable of a lot, but that doesn’t happen by itself. The result is highly dependent on the mutual dynamics, both visible and invisible.

How do you get your team moving again? Connected? How do you achieve effective and pleasant cooperation as a team? How do you as a team ensure more impact on our environment, stakeholders or customers? How do you create an environment in which people work from passion, feel empowered and do their utmost to achieve results?

Everything that gets attention grows. I believe it is extremely important to take a break with your team every now and then. Take the time and pay attention to your mission, vision and goals. But especially to each other, to the mutual dynamics, both the visible and the invisible. Because: “music is not in the notes but in the silence in between” (Mozart).

Team development

My team sessions are tailor-made. As a certified Management Drives trainer, I can guide teams based on a Management Drives analysis. These team sessions provide insight into each other and each other’s qualities. As a team you get clear where your strength lies (and pitfalls), what you want to invest in and what is desirable for further development. At the end, you as a team will have a concrete view of the areas in which you want to develop further, so that concrete next steps can be determined. With these insights you can work on many things as a team, just what is needed at that moment, or turns out to be necessary.

In supervising a team, I also look at all aspects that are necessary for success. From organizational context to the history of the organization or team. But also the atmosphere, culture and goals of the team. As a coach, I pay particular attention to the qualities, pitfalls and personalities present. Management Drives therefore does not always have to be the most suitable instrument.

Every organization is unique. Every team is unique. Every employee is unique. Together we discuss what is needed, what time investment can be made and what the budget is. This way we always get the right boost that your team needs to reach the next level. The best version of itself.

Purpose & People

Since November 2020 I have been working together with Natalja Schoorlemmer and Saskia Wessels from When Purpose Meets People. Together we work to create environments in which people work from passion, empower themselves and do their utmost to achieve results. We often work with Story Telling Circles in our sessions and training courses.

With When Purpose Meets People we have developed, among other things, the workshop Moving Forward with Positive Energy.

Workshop: Moving Forward with Positive Energy

During the second lockdown I often heared: this lockdown is more intense. Days were getting shorter and the need for real contact was bigger. “I miss the informal contact, the spontaneous meetings and discoveries, which lead to new ideas and innovation.” Do you recognize that too? A spontaneous meeting at the coffee machine can sometimes give you just that good idea that you needed to continue. Or you just meet that person in the corridors, who can help you with your project.

Hybride ways of working are currently getting common. And they will most likely stay. Covid-19 has (had) a major impact on companies, teams and individuals. Many people now experience that they are highly dependent on themselves in their work. How do you deal with a setback or crisis like this? And how do you keep in touch and connect with each other? People’s development needs don’t stop there. It is precisely in this crisis that it is time for reflection. Reflecting on your life, your home situation, your career.

We have therefore developed a workshop for teams that want to give a boost to mutual connection, intrinsic motivation and focus towards the future. In an effective and creative way. Online or physically at a safe distance. In any case, we’ll make sure you get moving! Do you want to know more? click here